Basalt basin installed on countertop

Basalt Collection

Basalt, originating from molten lava, holds a significant amount of strength, fire, and power due to its formation from heated, molten rock that became liquid. Some of its attributed healing properties encompass enhancing physical and mental strength, fostering courage, and elevating energy levels.

The honed basalt black granite vessel sink, on the other hand, is crafted from natural granite. Each sink is meticulously carved from a substantial granite block and skillfully hand-polished to attain a smooth and easy-to-clean finish. This vessel sink boasts a distinctive shape and features a honed, or matte, surface.

Given that granite is a natural stone, it's essential to note that the specific color and pattern details will vary from one sink to another, adding a unique touch to each piece.


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The Elegance of Basalt Stone Tiles and Basins Collection: Pebbletile

Elevate the aesthetic of your interior spaces with the timeless beauty of Basalt Stone Bathroom tiles from Pebbletile. If you intend to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor region, our stunning assortment of regular stone tiles offers an ideal mix of polish and usefulness.

Versatility of Basalt Stone

Basalt stone, famous for its solidness and exceptional visual allure, has become the overwhelming focus of our assortment. Its fine-grained surface and rich, profound variety of tones add complexity to any space. The adaptability of basalt stone makes it an ideal decision for different applications, including bathroom walls, floors, and ledges.

Create a Luxurious Retreat

Imagine venturing into a bathroom structured with Basalt Stone Bathroom tiles. Smooth and sleek surface touching your feet and shining stone creating and ambiance of luxury and tranquility. Whether you want a topical spa-like retreat or a more conventional look, basalt stone can be custom-made to suit your style.

Durability Beyond Compare

Our Basalt Stone Bathroom tiles are visually appealing and of the best quality for your bathroom. Our tiles require minimal maintenance and maintain the beauty and alliance for decades. These stain-resistant Basalt Stone tiles ensure your space is moisture-free and remains captivating and functional.

Endless Design Possibilities

Our Basalt Stone Basins are available in various sizes and colors. From sleek monochromatic design or you want to experiment with different shades, we offer a vast option for our customers. We give you all the freedom to be creative with your choice that will reflect your unique choice and taste.

At Pebbletile, we understand the importance of creating aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces. With our exquisite Basalt Stone Bathroom tiles, you can transform your space into a sanctuary of beauty and functionality. Elevate your home design with the enduring elegance of basalt stone, and make every moment spent in your space a true delight.