Riverstone Collection

Riverstone Collection

Select your one-of-a-kind riverstone basin, crafted from natural river stones, which are rocks discovered in close proximity to bodies of water. These stones acquire their distinctive rounded shapes and varying sizes and hues through the gradual erosion caused by flowing water.

This natural stone bathroom sink is a stunning addition to bathroom and kitchen spaces, combining functionality with exquisite natural aesthetics.

The Stone Bathroom Sink is a unique design that merges the allure of nature with everyday functionality, bringing a touch of organic luxury to your home.

Choose your individual, unique riverstone basin

RV River D(13.7"-17.7")xW(13.7"-17.7")xH Approx 5.5"-6"

RC Rock D(18.1"-21.3")xW(13.7"-17.7")xH Approx 5.5"-6"


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Natural stone sink basin

Stunning Riverstone Tile and Rock Sink Basin Designs for Bathrooms

Find the excellence of nature directly in your bathroom with our Riverstone tile collection. Pebbletile has the ideal choice for making an exciting and enrapturing bathroom space. Each tile is hand-chosen for its remarkable quality and interesting variety, guaranteeing that your bathroom becomes a masterpiece. The river propelled designs make a relieving and peaceful climate that will make your everyday schedules a joy.

Riverstone Tile Bathroom: Nature's Elegance in Your Home

Discover the beauty of nature right in your bathroom with our Riverstone tile collection. Each tile is hand chosen for its outstanding quality and one of a kind variety varieties, guaranteeing that your bathroom turns into a work of art. The river-inspired patterns create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere that will pleasure your daily routines.

Rock Bathroom Sink - Where Form Meets Functionality

Our Rock bathroom sinks are more than just functional fixtures; they are art pieces. Crafted from natural stone, each Stone basin bowl is a testament to nature's beauty and durability. Our collection's River rock and Black stone vessel sink options are designed to make a statement.

At Pebbletile, we invest heavily in the craftsmanship of our Rock sink basins. Everything about painstakingly thought of, from the decision to stone to the moulding and finishing. The result is a Natural stone sink basin that looks staggering and goes the distance. Our sink basins are generally simple to tidy and stay aware of, ensuring that your bathroom remains a beautiful and practical space for quite a while.